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InfoPoverty World Conference IV 

New Frontiers of the ICT: Services for Development


The World Bank Agenda

April 30, 2004
10:30 a.m. - Noon
The World Bank  ~  Washington, D.C.

Conference Introduction - Video Presentation

Co-Facilitators/ Moderators:

Arthur Cole – University of Oklahoma -
Giorgio Valentini – The World Bank - Presentation


Roslyn Docktor – Council for Excellence in Government, “Successful Global ICT Initiatives: Measuring Results Through an Analysis of Achieved Goals, Planning and Readiness Efforts, and Stakeholder Involvement” - Video Presentation

Vivek S. Chaudhry – Program Administrator, Informatics Program, The World Bank, “Country Gateways: Addressing Local Development Objectives Through Collaboration” - Video Presentation

John Mathieson – Director, Center for Science, Technology and Economic Development, SRI International, “Deploying ICTs to Catalyze Development in Rural Regions” - Video Presentation

Brian Aylward – Lotus Workplace WW Sales Leader, Lotus Software, IBM Software Group - Video Presentation

William L. Smith – Director, Empowerment zones and Enterprise Communities, Office of Adult and Vocational Education, U.S. Department of Education - Viedo Presentation

John Maughan – Head of Content, Development Gateway, The World Bank, “Demand-Driven Access to Development Knowledge” - Video Presentation

Raymond P. Kasbarian – VP Sales and Marketing, XpertUniverse, Inc., “Using the XpertSHARE Platform to Deliver On-Demand Expert Help and Information to Projects in Developing Areas” - Video Presentation

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